Sonora Cat Rescue
Fund a Feline Fix, $40
Fund Ten Feline Fixes, $400
Fund Forty Feline Fixes, $1,600
I normally do 50 to 80 fixes per week. Every fix saves hundreds of homeless kittens from a life of hunger, freezing temperatures and abuse.
Food for Ferals (Frightened Cats), $10

Food for Ferals (Frightened Cats)
Regular donation $10/month
We have caretakers that look after many fixed outdoor/abandoned cats providing food and shelter to make their lives so much better.
Full adoption cost for one cat/kitten
S/N, shots, meds, food, litter, bed, toy. $200
Vaccinations, to protect cats/kittens from common diseases. $10
Donation amount of your choice

We also are in need of old towels and flat sheets to keep our little kitties comfortable. Please call 288 9185 to donate these items. Thank you so much.